28 Things I Learnt From My Dad

For his 56th birthday

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash
  1. You are never too old to learn. I see him studying, taking courses, and doing new things with so much passion and curiosity even at this age. Learning never stops.
  2. Patience — Good things come to you, don’t lose hope, and keep giving your best!
  3. The rich are rich because they know how to save their money.
  4. People will love you if you tell them what THEY want to hear. If you have a different opinion, acknowledge their take on it and suggest your idea. Nobody wants to hear they are wrong.
  5. Your morals are what define you. Never sacrifice them.
  6. Pray daily, no matter how busy you are.
  7. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man(and a woman) healthy, wealthy and wise.
  8. Cooking is a life skill you need to acquaint yourself with. I have a lot of work to do regarding this point. Shame on me, to not take advantage of learning from an ex-chef in the house!
  9. You will overtake the car ahead of you only to find yourself right beside it at the next signal. So, calm down.
  10. Hard work doesn’t go out of fashion.
  11. There’s going to be all kinds of people around you. You can decide to take the good or the bad from them. It’s up to you.
  12. Sing, even if you can’t sing.
  13. Dance, even if you don’t know the steps.
  14. It’s definitely because of him that I am so obsessed with songs. He has the most precious song collection ever(so say his friends, I am sick of hearing those songs now)
  15. When someone raises their voice at you, you lower your voice even more. They are bound to stop screaming. (Again, I have a lot of implementation left here)
  16. No matter how big a boss you are at work, you still help with housework.
  17. Live a simple life. Cause, in the end, everything else is just noise.
  18. If you fail, try again. And give it your best shot.
  19. If you have nothing nice to say, stay quiet.
  20. Take care of the things you own, and they will last longer than you can imagine.
  21. You can’t change people’s actions, but you can change your reaction to them.
  22. You are never too old for chocolates.
  23. Always do the right thing.
  24. It’s okay to be the oldest person in the room when you are learning/trying out something new.
  25. Be kind.
  26. Stay calm during stressful times.
  27. SMILE from your heart.

I am just thinking out loud here.