4 Ways To Use Your Money To Buy Happiness

Money CAN buy happiness indeed!

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Well, yes I know what you are thinking. Money is not everything, and many people who are filthy rich may not be exactly “happy” in their lives. And I am not here to defend that at all.

While money might not equate to happiness, there are a few smart ways in which we could use it to make ourselves feel good. And that’s exactly what I am here to share today. It’s been almost two years since I have been earning, and in my experience — spending my hard-earned money on the below things brought me immense joy!

Small upgrades to daily life

We, as a generation that grew up with various sources of “instant gratification” available at our fingertips, be it ordering our favorite meal whenever we crave it or finding a date using an app, have almost stopped taking joy in the little things.

Often, we spend our money to buy an expensive fancy gadget or something HUGE. But, hear me out. While buying those expensive items might give us happiness and improve the quality of our lives in some cases- there’s something more impactful and cheaper that can be done that is guaranteed to make you a little happier.

Instead of splurging on that one huge thing, what if we make small upgrades to a few items we use daily. I’ll list a few examples:-

  1. Buy your favorite coffee blend that you enjoy so much in Starbucks — now you can treat yourself with your favorite frappuccino at home any time you want!
  2. Get the slightly expensive shampoo or moisturizer that makes you feel like you do when you are vacationing and using fancy hotel products.
  3. Get the fancier electric toothbrush that will make your brushing experience more fun.
  4. Buy a nice t-shirt or lounge suit which makes you feel better about yourself while chilling at home doing nothing.

Well, you get the point. Just small upgrades to mundane portions of our lives can improve the quality of our life. And since these are things that we use often, it will have a significant impact.


I feel this is one of the purest use of one’s money. What might seem like an insignificant amount to us, maybe another person’s lottery?

The size of the donation doesn’t matter. Put your money to good use, where you can see the impact it has made on people’s lives and that is going to make you feel so empowered.

At the end of the day, what makes us most happy is to do something for someone else without expecting anything in return.

Gifting your loved ones

You get an unmatchable joy when you gift your close ones something that makes them happy. For me, I have always had more fun while gifting someone close to me something. The joy of giving lasts longer than the joy of getting.

So get your parents/friends/siblings that one thing you know they will be delighted to have. Watch the happiness on their face while they unwrap your gift to see what’s inside. Every time you see them use it, you will realize it was worth it. It will be worth every penny you spent. It doesn’t have to be limited to an object, buying them an experience is even better!


Boring? Yes, that’s why I kept this at the last. But this one’s the one that will bring you the most joy in the long run. But even in the present moment, knowing that you have put a portion of your money into a place where it can grow, is a very reassuring feeling. It gives you the satisfaction that you are doing something right with your money. So do some reading, and put your money into smart investment options. Even if the other three options I mentioned above don’t work for you, this one will!

I am just thinking out loud here.